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Service Calls

Features & Functionality


  • Personalized greeting by our Telmatik Customer Contact Centre (3C)
  • Configurable call scripts
  • Management of situations using a knowledge base adapted to your industry
  • Management of calls with standardized classifications adapted to your services
  • Call handling adapted to the level of urgency for the reported situation
  • Integration of mobile and intelligent applications for effective dispatching
  • Creation of a ticket for each service call
  • Integration of tickets and follow-ups by client
  • Ticket numbers attached to service calls for easy lookup and retrieval
  • Management of contacts
  • Management of locations where technicians are dispatched for service calls
  • Management of responsible persons based on the call category, skills and availabilities
  • Management of holidays
  • Management of working hours for responders: technicians, outsourcers, suppliers, etc.
  • Management of replacements
  • Management of escalations of responders in case of emergency
  • Alerts and notifications sent by SMS and email
  • Service dispatch confirmations by responders and management of exceptions by 3C
  • Web interface for supervisors and responders to follow work-in-process
  • Follow-up with clients on work-in-progress
  • Tracking and management of responder activities up to service call closure
  • Service level agreement (SLA) monitoring
  • Management of work completion notices to client
  • Management reporting module
  • Complete and auditable history of service calls and tickets
  • Cloud based solution with no software installation


  • Bilingual service available in English and French
  • Personalized to the image of your company
  • Self-service platform to permit your company to manage tickets during regular business hours
  • Multinational platform with centralized and decentralized administration
  • Management of customer satisfaction survey samplings
  • Application programming interface (API)Emergency Response Mobilization (ERM) solution for the management of your Contingency Plan


  • Typical service module configurations can be implemented in three to five business days or less.
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Are you trying to manage too many service calls using email?

Let us manage your service calls, so you can take care of your customers. Our clients have won prestigious industry customer service awards our BixoService solution.

Telmatik is your specialist in real-time service call management since 1994 using a unique combination of SaaS technology, efficient processes, and expert Customer Contact Centre agents with an unparalleled quality of service delivery.

Our solution is built around leading practices, and robust communication processes. Platforms are configurable to adapt to the management of regular and emergency service calls specific to your industry and business process. Your customers’ needs can be met seamlessly 24/7/365.

What is BixoService Call Management Module for?

  • To manage and control your service call process to closure
  • To reduce the cost of your operations
  • To improve your quality of service (QoS)
  • To increase customer satisfaction
  • To reduce training and optimize headcount without compromising on coverage or service

Who is BixoService Call Management Module for?

  • You are most likely a Facilities or a Property Manager, Real-Estate Manager or service provider
  • You are in an organization with a need to scale-up quickly, cover off-hours, manage overflow, or simply have a need to expand your scope and reach within budget constraints

What makes BixoService Call Management Module special?

  • Gives you full control of your service call process with built-in efficiency
  • Complete reports with auditable transaction tracking by sector and group
  • Manage situations and dispatch tickets based on a knowledge base adapted to your industry
  • Manage technicians and responders based on the call category, skills and availabilities
  • Manage availabilities for users, replacements, shifts, outsourcers, technicians, and partners
  • Specialized knowledge base for managing particulars in known service areas or locations
  • Cloud based solution with no software installation
  • Simple and cost effective
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